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NERO LARP Staff Contact Info

The NERO Office
653 Country Kitchen Road

Barnesville GA 30204

(914) 309 - 7718
Customer Service:

Adam Elbirt - Vice President - Director of Retail Relationships
Mitch Meconi -  Vice President of the Western Region, Director LARPY Awards
Joseph Valenti - Project Manager; Spokesperson
Rebecca King -  - Program Manager - Marketing and U.S. Business Management
Kevin Tjia -  Director of Business Management, Canada
Attorney F. Dok Harris - Director of Business Strategy
Maegan Brownrigg -- Director of Strategic Development
Mickey Golosvker -  - Manager, Tyrran Storyline Campaign
Daniel Comstock - Lead Creative Writer
Fred Watson - Lead Rules Designer, Live RPG
Noah Mason - Creative Writer, NERO Club Manager
Brandon Mason - NERO® Club Manager, Creative Writer
Bill Taylor - Director, Online Databases

Ken Nichols - Regional Coordinator, South Central Region
Katie Downing - Regional Coordinator, South East Region
Chris Hughes - Regional Coordinator, VA/MD/DC Region
Adam Elbirt - Regional Coordinator, North East Region
Ryan Misner - Regional Coordinator, Midwest Region
Mitch Meconi - Regional Coordinator, Western Region

Max Steinmetz - Creative Director

NERO Online Data Base Personnel

Database Architect, (
Bill Taylor (Project Leader)
Kevin Tjia
Open Position (4 Total) - Inquire Here

Database Architect: FileMaker PRO:

Online Database Administrators: Updates: Contact any of these people to add experience for events attended, make character persona alterations and corrections, etc.

CT   Chad Adams (CT) - National

CT    David Epstein (CT) - National
CT    Wil Nichols-Klaff (CT) - National
MA -
Adam Elbirt - NERO Boston & National

GA   Ryan Massey (GA)
IL     Nick Denny - NERO Chicago
NJ    Rebecca King (NJ)
NH    Robin Veniga (NH)
PA    Mick Taranto - PA - Pittsburgh Area
VA - John Ziegler - Metro DC & VALOR

VA    Joseph "Tiny" Hughes - VALOR

MA - Rick Pierce - NERO Massachusetts

TX    David Acosta (TX)
MI - Ryan Misner (MI)

Positions Open (Country-Wide) - Apply Here

Internet Architecture Administrators

Bill Taylor       (Wisconsin)
Kevin Tjia            (Canada)
Angela Morris        (CT)

Directors and Managers

Director of Tyrran PC Races and PC Cultures: Bill Hoffman (OH)

Manager of the Quentari Elven Culture: Bren Campbell (NY)

Manager of The Barbarian Race & Cultures : Noah Mason (PA)

Manager of the The Drae Race and Culture Handbook©:

Manager of the Dwarven Race & Culture: Matt Sims (NY)

Manager of Sarr Race Handbook: Amy Devan (DC)

Manager of Sarr Myrr Culture Handbook: Amy Devan (DC)

Manager of the The Biata Race Handbook©: Angela Morris (CT)

Manager of Qandari Elven Culture: Ryan Massey (GA)


Manager of Mystic Wood Elf Race Handbook (OPEN)

Director of Tyrran Storylines: (OPEN)


            Manager, Tyrran Storyline Campaign: Mickey Golosvker (MA)


            Manager of Zepher Continent: Ryan Massey


            Manager of National Storylines (Open)


            Manager of National Storylines (Open)

Manager of Tyrran Maps: Eric Bauer

    Map Team Member:    Open
    Map Team Member:    Open

    Map Team Member:    Open

    Map Team Member:    Open

              Project Leader: Duchy of Niman Storyline: Tim Gile (MA)


              Project Leader: Graphics Design: Damien & Trish Buchwald.


            Manager of Tyrran Monsters: OPEN


Acting Director of Game Operations:  Joseph Valenti

Manager NERO Online Database©: Bill Taylor

Manager of National NERO Adjudication & Disciplinary Council: David Cleveland

Manager(s) of NERO College Clubs

-- Noah Mason (PA)
-- OPEN - Immediate
-- OPEN - Immediate


Director of Conventions and Expo's (OPEN)

Marketing & Advertising Coordinator - East Coast
    Manager - Rebecca King (NJ)

Marketing & Advertising Coordinator - West Coast
    Manager - Mitch Meconi (NV)

General Marketing and Advertising Support
Game Stores & Fliers - OPEN

Convention Manager - Gen-Con Indiana (IN)

Convention Manager - Dragon Con (GA)
Mickey Weddington - GA

Convention Manager - Origins Convention (OH)

Convention Manager - Arisia (Mass.)
Rachel Morris (MA)

Manager of GAMA Trade Show (LV): Open (Joseph Valenti)

Manager of Katsu Con (VA):

Manager of Otakon Convention (VA):

NERO National Convention Staff
Joseph Valenti (NY)
Maegan Bowman (TX)
Victoria Bolton (VA)
Mitch Meconi (NV)
Lisa Weekly (OH)
Dan Burke (NJ)
Dan Comstock (NY)
Every Staff Member at each NERO LARP Chapter

Writers & Storyline Coordinators

Matt Sims (NY) Tyrran Cosmology, Dwarven Handbook, The Nerid Duchies
Joseph Valenti  (NY) Kingdom of Evendarr Royal Knights
Kingdom of Evendarr Royal Knights Orchestra
Tim Gile (MA) Duchy of Niman in the Kingdom of Evendarr
Justin Godey (CA) Accords of Avalon - Royal Academy of A&S
Buddy Landreth (ETN) The Dreadlands - Emeraldyne the Green Dragon
Robert LeBlanc (MA) Scavenger Race & Culture

Bren Campbell - Writer

Elf - Quentari Map & Culture, by Mme Zara
Elf - Quentari Race Info
Chad Coppola Stone Elf Handbook
John Klein (NY) Dark Elf Nebulonde Culture Guide
Tony Lopez  (VA) Principality of Southwatch
Bob Hess  (NJ) General Architect - Sir Anton of Royal Evendarr Knights Orchestra
Tiny Hughes (DC) Principality of Southwatch
Ryan Massey (GA) South East Regional Manager

NERO National Adjudication Managers: These individuals are here to review and discuss appeals made by members regarding the result of an adjudication request at a local NERO Chapter. Responsible for collecting information, organizing it, and utilizing an appropriate project team (ie. the Rules Council and/or Rules Group or National Advisory Board) to review the information and provide their individual assessment, this group will work closely with the Local NERO LARP Chapter and the NERO Member involved. These individuals will explain the process and the causes for the local and national decision.
Joseph Valenti
David Cleveland (NB Canada)
Kevin Tjia (Toronto Canada)
Adam Elbirt (NERO Boston)
Jon Hollen (NERO Texas)
OPEN (2)

Game Map Coordinators

Manager of Tyrran Maps: Chris Hill (VA)

Avalon Concordance Project Team
Joseph Valenti (NY)
Justin Godey (CA)
Maegan Bowman (TX)
Brandon Mason (GA)
All Chapters Plot Liaisons

World of Tyrra Monsters
Randy Hutchings:
     Bob Hess                  Avendale
     Hughes, Joseph C.    Nero Metro DC
     Kevin Tjia                 NERO Toronto
     Clint Heilman             MASS
     Noah Mason            NCPA

    Greg Brothers             (PA)

Evendarr Kingdom, Royal Navy - Jesse Stills (va)

Plot Liaisons Group (National and Local Plot Staff)

Project Leaders
            John Ziegler        Statistics Collector, Internet Researcher
            Jeff Gibson          Treatise and Story Collector (Races, Cultures, Treatises, Etc.)
            Clint Heilman          

National Staff & their NPC's

Ford Ivey  (VA)                 King Mykel Endarr II, Evendarrian King
Mark Blanchard (MA)       Prince Kevin Blackfoxx, Evendarrian Prince
Joseph Valenti (NY)          Sir Tivorak Nobel, Knight of Evendarr
Clint Heilman  (MA)         
Michael Manning (MA)    Sir Michael Astaldo Elladan, Knight of Evendarr
Bob Hess (NJ)                    Sir Anton Valence, Knight of Evendarr
John Klein (NJ)
Brandon Mason (GA)        Sir Devron Endarr
Tiny Hughes (DC)           Sir Alexander Norfolk
Tony Lopez (VA)           
Prince Gabriel Harcourt
Vince Munro (GA)            Sir Crash McGillicutty
Duby Deenan (TN)
Dan Veniga (MA)               
Matt Sims (NY)                    Sir Sebastien Maxwell
Ryan Massey (GA)              Sir Robert William Randolph, Knight of Evendarr

Members with National In-Game Noble Titles

Mike Weyant              Sir Delhar Greymist, Knight of Evendarr
Scott Wilson               Sir Konrad Alphenwen, Knight of Evendarr
Maegan Bowman        Lady Yr'lie, Chamberlain of the Accords of Avalon
Debbie Walton            Dame Merry McGregor
David Hoyt                 Sir Mythrin Lightcage

Staff List Biographies

Joseph Valenti

            Joseph is President of NERO International.  He accepted the position from Ford Ivey on August 3, 1998 and leads National efforts to expand and improve NERO.

Contact Info:        914-309-7718

Charles Haigh

            Chuck almost exclusively NPC's where ever he travels.

Contact Info: Chuck prefers not to be contacted.

Rebecca King

        Rebecca (Greenwood Lake, NJ) manages efforts in nationwide marketing at Conventions.

        Contact Info:

Matt Sims

Matt (MI) is on the NERO Rules Council and the NERO Plot Council.

Contact Info:

Justin Akremi - Contact Info:

            Justin currently lives in Wisconsin and has taken some time off of NERO. HE used to attend the Ravenholt and Avendale chapters regularly, both PC'ing and NPC'ing. He helped to organize our presence at ICON Convention in Long Island, NY for several years, and does many and varied projects for NERO.

Dan Comstock (Connecticut) - Contact Info:

Dan has been an active member of the Avendale Staff since 2000.  He was recently added as a Nero Rep and is working on editing in-game plot information for public release. Dan also helps to integrate histories of new chapters into our existing world, and attends conventions in the New York, New Jersey, CT, and Boston areas.

Mike Ennis - Contact Info:

Mike is currently running multiple chapters and campaigns in the Ohio and West Virginia area.  He has a lot of experience in making Nero a success for many chapters at once and is working to provide new policies that he has used in his chapters informally. Mike is also on the Rules Council. If you have any Rules ideas you can send them to him.

Mickey Golosovker - Contact Info:

Mickey (Boston, MA) is working on editing in-game plot information for public release.  He also helps with input on rules and policies, and regularly plays in a number of chapters in the Northeast.  Mickey is working on regional and National plot in addition to his other responsibilities.

Michael Manning -  Contact Info:

       Michael Manning (SALEM, MA) joined NERO in 1989 and has been playing ever since then. Michael is also a great source of knowledge on the history of NERO the early days. Michael has been involved with several chapters over the years, as a PC, NPC, and Staff member. He is currently playing a Royal Knight of Evendarr, and several other NPC roles. He is also very willing to talk, and recruit for NERO at any of the conventions he regularly attends.

Mitch Meconi -  Contact Info:

            Mitch Meconi (Las Vegas, NV) works with the Las Vegas chapter and with the other southwest chapters to coordinate plot and events.  He is also working on finding reliable sources of inexpensive but good quality costuming for players and chapters.

Dan Veniga -  Contact Info:            

            Dan is working on creating national and region plot.  He helped to organize our presence at ICON 21 in Long Island, NY and often works with Justin Akremi to make weapons and other NERO props for conventions and chapters. 

Jamie Close

        Project Leader of the Quentari Solidification and Expansion Project: From Bellingham MA, Jamie began playing NERO in 1991, really only has one PC, an Elven fighter named Togan Iccitari., who is about 19th level. I am now playing out of NERO Boston (Volta) as my home chapter. I'm interested in getting involved in all things Quentari. Jamie’s goal as a national project team member is to flesh out the Elven Race and the Quentari Culture so that players of Quentari characters, nation wide, can get the most of the race. Jamie is also focusing on generating plots and intrigues that originate from the Elven Kingdom of Quentari, adding additional depth to the world of Tyrra, adding to the atmosphere of every chapter nation-wide.

Jesse Stills

        Jesse joined National Staff in September of 2002, as the Evendarrian Royal Navy Solidification & Expansion Project Leader. He has and continues to gather information regarding the Port cities in Evendarrian Duchies, and has compiled a lengthy set of treatises to edit to our world and make public. See the Evendarrian Royal Navy Handbook!

Bob Hess -             Contact Info:

        Bob helps with the National Monster Databases, by altering statistics of the Monster as the game rules are altered. He joined the staff of the Avendale Campaign, as a Storyteller for the 2003 season. If you have any questions regarding the Monster Statistics, contact Bob via email at

Amy Devan

Amy has helped expand the Sarr (Cat Scavenger) Racial Handbook and the Myrr Culture Overview. She will help us to write the package clearly, in our new format, so that we can then move all of our handbooks to this format.

Victoria M. Bolton (Virginia)

Victoria is a Project Leader who works directly for Joseph Valenti and leads several projects.

Convention Coordination: Victoria works on National Conventions staff, researching possible conventions that NERO can attend, and maintains the master convention list. She also specifically coordinates local chapter attendance at Conventions, and attends the Conventions in the VA area.

Press Releases: Victoria Manages and prepares Press Releases. This includes writing, editing, and submitting approved press releases regarding NERO National and the Local NERO Chapters to distributors designated to release information for our company. She also reviews the Quarterly Project Manager Status reports and the Quarterly National Project Status Report and will choose important announcements and information that are candidates for press.

Meg Regula (Pennsylvania) Contact:

    Meg has assisted in the opening of two new NERO® chapters in Virginia and Pennsylvania. She is currently Staff at POLAR, and has been an active Local Staff member for over two years. She will be designing flyers and assisting with marketing for NERO® National.

    Dave has been actively playing NERO for over nine years, and has been Staff at three different chapters (PRO, VORPL and POLAR). Dave is a Plot Coordinator for POLAR and will be handling editing and proof reading for NERO National.

John Ziegler (Virginia) - Contact info:

John assists Joseph Valenti in collecting data and statistics relevant to national projects. He also plays many different NERO chapters up and down the east coast and has been working with National since 2002.


All content copyright Joseph Valenti 1986 to 2019, all rights reserved. Tel. 914.309.7718.  e-mail