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Why did the NERO Headquarters Move from Ware, MA to Rye, New York in 1988?
If I were to become licensed to Operate a NEROŽ Chapter, would you give me support?
Can I operate both a NERO LARP Tyrran Campaign and a Non-Tyrran Campaign?
Can I operate only a Business "Based Upon The NERO Rules"?
I currently operate a medieval
atmosphere LARP, can I convert my game to NERO?
What Happened to NERO Kalamazoo?

Question: When did the NERO Headquarters Move from Ware, MA to Rye New York in 1998?
Answer: The NEROŽ Headquarters, formerly based in Ware, MA, has been based in Mahopac, New York since August 3, 1998 when Joseph Valenti purchased ownership of NERO from Ford Ivey and Maureen Ivey, the previous owners.

Question: If I were to become licensed to Operate a NERO Chapter, would you give me support?
Yes. We have extensive expertise that can help you to build your base of members in your state/area. We have a Chapter Owner and Staff web site that contains the policies that the chapter owners agree upon at the yearly business symposium, and the chapter owners and international staff are always available to answer your questions with helpful advice. See more about becoming a NERO LARP Chapter Owner Here.

Question: If I wanted to become licensed to run a NERO Campaign and I also wanted to run a non-NERO campaign, would you welcome us or tell us that we can not join?
NERO International welcomes everyone who wants to operate a NERO LARP Campaign, we are an equal opportunity licensor, we have an approval process that everyone follows, and we do allow NERO Chapters to operate non-NERO campaigns such as Wildlands, NERO Blood Lines(C), and other LARPS.

Question: I currently operate a medieval atmosphere LARP, can I convert my game to NERO?
Answer: Yes. You can become licensed to run NERO Campaigns and convert your game to the Tyrran world.

Question: What if I only wanted to run a non-Tyrran based campaign that was 'based upon the NERO Rules' but not a Tyrran Campaign.
We allow individuals to become licensed to run LARP Games "Based Upon The NERO Rules, for a decreased fee. Business that license the use of the NERO Rules for their LARP do not enjoy unrestricted transference of Member Character Persona and possessions between the LARP game they are operating and Tyrran Campaign games.

Question: What Happened to NERO Kalamazoo?
Answer: It was replaced with NERO Darkreign and NERO Michigan East. The NERO Office terminated the license to operate a NERO Chapter with Seth Warfield because he didn't adhere to his NERO License and Lease agreement. We gave him plenty of opportunity to remain in good standing with the NERO Office and the other NERO Chapters but he did not want too and chose to cease operating.

Question: Are there other NERO businesses that can License NEROŽ other than NEROŽ International Holding Co., Inc.?
Answer: NO. There are no other business or organizations in the United States and Canada that can license someone to operate a NEROŽ Chapter other then Official NERO Chapters Listed on this Page . If you see a NEROŽ Chapter that isn't listed, be careful, as they are not a Licensed NERO Chapter, NERO College ClubŠ or NERO Military ClubŠ and you won't be protected by the NEROŽ International NERO LARP Member PoliciesŠ or the NERO LARP National Membership ProgramŠ.

Question: How Many Owners are there of the NERO Trademark and Service Mark?
There is only One Owner. NERO International Inc. owns the NERO trademark and service marks. One other person tried to claim it as their own but the attempt failed as they were unable to prove their false claim.

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