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NERO LARP Products and Services

The Live Adventures Company offers many different and diverse venues. On this page you will see information related to the NERO line of products and services. The NERO® Office and its staff are here to help you with every aspect of your interactive gaming experience, and we look forward to adding depth and flavor through the services we offer.

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NERO Rule Book

NERO Gift Certificate©


Membership Dues

NERO Membership, New
NERO Membership, Renewal
NERO Adventure Club Member Dues

NERO College Club Membership
NERO College Club Membership Upgrade
NERO College Club Monthly Dues


Character Services

Character History Assistance - FREE
Extended Character History Assistance

NERO Plot Submission, Small
NERO Plot Submission, Large

NERO Role Play Session
Member Sponsored Events


NERO Chapter Services
NERO Adventure
NERO Weekend Event
NERO Extended Weekend Event


Additional Services

Sword Fight Tournaments

Live Adventure Events

Wellness Programs

Team Building Programs

Live Chess Shows

Interactive Tavern

Interactive Actors

Sword Fight Show

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Member Sponsored Event: This program empowers each and every NERO® Member to sponsor and host certain events for other members in their area. This encourages more interaction between all members, will add more rumors and storyline to the atmosphere, and also generate more available storyline for our staff to facilitate at weekend events. Now, Members in good standing can get authorization to sponsor a Dinner Party, a Saturday Role-play Picnic, Boffer and/or Chess Tournaments, IG Workshops, and even a Fair Day. Learn More Here! Member Sponsored Events

- $10.00

Member Sponsored Event

   Base NERO Member Dues See New or Renewal

NERO® Membership©, New:

-- Includes a NERO® Rule Book© mailed to your door within 5 business days.

-- After submitting payment, Go to the Membership Forms!

NERO Membership, New: 1 Year   

NERO Membership©, Renewal: No Further Paperwork Necessary.
-- Does Not Include a NERO
® Rule Book©

NERO Membership, Renew: 1 Year

NERO Rule Book©: The NERO Rule Book© is used by all NERO Members to create the character persona that is used at our NERO Events©. It contains the guiding principles that all NERO Members adhere too while attending a NERO Game Event©.

$24.95 Total
 (S & H is Included)

NERO Adventure Club Member Dues - 1 month $10.00


NERO Adventure Club Member Dues - 6 months $54.00

(save 10%)

NERO Adventure Club Membership Dues - 12 months $96.00

   (save 20%)

Character History Assistance©: NERO Members utilize the in-game documentation from the local NERO Chapter and The World of Tyrra to create an in-depth character history. The history is then submitted to the local NERO Chapter or NERO Office for review and approval.


Extended Character History Assistance©: To aid players in creating a solid character history and blending the actions taken and experiences had at the previous event, or events, into your existing Character History - to complete the ongoing storyline. The player is met with in person, spoken with via telephone, or corresponded with via e-mail. His/Her preferences are determined and an extensive multi-page character history is written. This service can also be used to continue the story-line of a character, placing their experiences into various written forms including diary entries and newsletters articles.  The player is taking the time to develop his or her character and therefore the character is awarded one blanket of experience. A Maximum of 2 of these can be purchased per month. Go to the ECHA Form to Submit Your Request.


Item ECHA-0020

NERO Plot Submission©, small: NERO Members may submit plot submission to the Local Chapter or National Plot Coordinators explaining what they prefer their character to be doing for any period of time, usually between five and thirty days. The submission is at least 5 sentences long but not more than half a page. A response will be sent within 15 days explaining what occurred with the character for that period of time. There is a charge for this service. A maximum of 1 blanket is rewarded for this service. Submit a small NERO Plot Submission Here!


Item # NPSS-0030

NERO Plot Submission©, Large: Players may submit plot write-ups to the plot council explaining what they prefer their character to be doing for any period of time, usually between five and thirty days. The submission is rather extensive but not more than two pages. A response will be sent within 15 days explaining what occurred with the character for that period of time. There is a charge for this service, and Experience equal to 2 blankets is awarded.


Item # NPSL-0040

NERO Gift Certificate©: The perfect gift for your friend, spouse or child. You can buy a NERO Gift Certificate that is valid at all participating NERO chapters. A NERO Gift Certificate also gives a 10% discount when purchased but cannot be used for a period of 30 days. We offer 3 denominations; $30.00, $50.00, and $75.00. We will mail the Gift Certificate to you within 3 business days of its purchase.

    $67.50 (Purchase $75.00 Gift Certificate)

    $27.00 (Purchase $30.00 Gift Certificate)

   $45.00 (Purchase $50.00 Gift Certificate)

NERO Role-play Session©: Players may interact with Plot through a person to person meeting. During this time the player will interact with certain characters and/or groups while role-playing through what their character does. There is are two types of Role-play sessions available; 1) up to 1 hour role-play session (Short); and 2) up to 8 hour role-play session (Long). There is a charge for each of these services. The maximum of one-half a Blanket is awarded for a Short role-play session, and the maximum of one Blanket is awarded for a Long role-play session.

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NERO Adventure© (Module): This service typically involves a 2-4 hour adventure. Many chapters offer adventures when events are not running, to keep NERO ® members interested in the game. Advance notice is usually needed for an adventure to be setup and run. Most adventures are run for 6 to 10 people though any number from one to twenty can attend, and usually have a start and a finish involving one topic. A maximum of One-Half a blanket is awarded for each Adventure.

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Play For A Day: This is a service directed toward our members who cannot play for an entire weekend, or prefer to play for just one day. Contact the Chapter holding the event to see what the Play For a Day cost is.

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Two-day Weekend Event: Weekend events usually take place beginning Friday night and continue until Sunday at about noon. There are adventures to go on with puzzles and riddles to solve, large battles to participate in, and a tremendous amount of interaction with other players. Most chapters charge more if they have no advance notice, or pre-payment to attend an event. I.e. Friday to Sunday would award a maximum of 2 Experience Blankets.

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Extended Weekend Event: Extended weekend events last for several days, from Friday to Monday, or Tuesday, etc. for each day extended beyond the Sunday finish adds another 24 hours of role-play! One blanket is awarded per 24-hour period at these events. I.e. Friday to Monday would award a maximum of 3 Experience Blankets. Extended weekends cost more for each additional day.


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