NERO® Dexterity Armor Play-test
Version 2.5 031504
For NERO Rules: Joseph Valenti and Matt Sims, Concept by All Chapters


1)         To introduce a reasonable version of the dexterity armor skill.

Dexterity Armor – The skill dexterity armor represents a characters ability to absorb damage by learning to roll with blows.  It may be bought a maximum of five times and each time purchased will add two points of armor to the characters total.  A character must be in full costume to use this skill.  Points of dexterity armor are lost after the physical armor is breeched.  To refit dexterity armor a character must take 60 seconds to stretch and role-play shaking out their tightened muscles, they must be in a state where they are capable of moving and using skills in order to refit dexterity armor.  The refit of dexterity armor is done separately from the refit of physical or arcane armor.  Dexterity armor never breeches.  To use dexterity armor you must be able to move if you cannot move you drop to no protection from it until you refit.

            The skill dexterity armor costs 3 build per time purchased no matter which class.

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