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NERO® Base 5 Damage/Healing Spell Effect Play-Test

Version 1.2 6/70700

For NERO Rules: Matthew Pearson, Joseph Valenti


This official play-test is designed with the following objectives:

1.       Simplify calculation of spell damage by making it uniform by level of spell.

2.      Modestly increase spell damage and healing effects to reflect trends in character and monster development. Note:Some damage reductions also have occurred to fit spells into the algorithm.


In an effort to keep the NERO® Rules System clear, consistent, and easy to understand the International Rules Committee has approved for play-test this system which we feel will address most of the objectives listed above. This play-test may be modified or removed at any time by the NERO® Rules Committee.


This play-test equates a spell’s level with a base 5 system of damage/healing. Simply stated a spell either harms or heals a target at 5 points per level of spell. This means a Magic Missile (Level 1 Celestial) does 5 points of damage to a target, and Cure Light Wounds will heal the target 5 points.


A note of caution to chapters running low-level campaigns is that even low-level spells can be deadly against low-level characters who have relatively few body points and this play-test should be thought over completely in terms of monster/event scaling before it is used in a low-level campaign.


Other spell effects such as protectives, blade-spells, curses, etc are not  to be modified to this system at this point due to the potentially unbalancing effects they could have on play. These spells may be addressed in a wider spell-revision play-test in the future.


Example Table: any additional play-test spells that cause damage or healing effect should have their effect scaled per level of the spell to fit the algorithm. The number in [ ] is the number of points of differential from the 8th edition spell descriptions and this playtest.









Magic Missile

5  [+1]


Cure/Cause Light Wounds

5*  [+3]


Lightning Bolt

10 [+2]


Cure/Cause Wounds

10* [+2]


Ice Bolt

15 [+3]


Harm/Help Undead

30* [+12


Flame Bolt

20 [+4]


Cure/Cause Serious Wounds

20* [+12]


Lightning Storm

30 [+6]


Cure/Cause Critical Wounds

30* [+6]


Ice Storm

35 [+7]


Destroy Undead

70* (Or destroy) [+28]


Dragon’s Breath

40 [+8]


Cure/Cause Mortal Wounds

40* [+16]


Eldritch Blast

45 [+9]




* Note: Healing does not follow NERO® 8th Edition Rules and does not do double damage versus undead. With the dramatic increase in healing doing double damage to undead it could potentially unbalance monsters. Harm Undead has been moved to 30 points of damage and Destroy Undead’s damage has been moved to 70 to reflect the fact these spells are designed to do damage to a very specific class of monster and is not a mistake.


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