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NERO® Blade Fury Play-test
Version 1.0 092602
For NERO Rules: Matthew Pearson, Original Concept by NERO Massachusetts




The Objective of this play-test is to increase the damage of every 4th Slay or Assassinate purchased to help make them more effective against excessively high-body creatures.



Every 4th Slay and/or Assassinate that is purchased has its damage doubled.  This does not otherwise change the verbal for the attack in any way.


Example:  Dirk has purchased eight weapon proficiencies for his long sword (2 damage) in his right hand, and in addition he has purchased 4 Slays.  His first 3 slays are calculated as per the 8th ed. NERO Rules (62), however his 4th Slay improves to “124 normal slay” damage instead of 62.  When he purchases eight more proficiencies and his 8th Slay, his damage for both the 4th and 8th Slay would be 204 instead of 102.


In all other ways this is considered a Critical Slay or Assassinate attack in respect to calling damage, strike location, duration, protections, and other abilities and/or skills. Only every 4th Slay or Assassinate is so modified, and all other Slay or Assassinate damage remains the same.

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