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NEROŽ Damage Types Play-test
Version 1.1 092602

For NERO Rules: Mike Ennis, Original Concept by NERO Ohio/West Virginia



The objective of this play-test is to standardize the following damage types.


In addition to the standard damage types of flame, ice, lightning, magic, normal, silver, and stone, the new damage types of acid and massive have been added.  These can be delivered by either weapon or packet, and act as separate damage types.

Acid - Acid damage acts as a standard damage type, and is not destructive to the carried items of the target in any way. Acid traps are an exception and follow the rules listed in the 8th Edition rulebook.

Massive - Massive damage cannot be blocked by weapons or shields. If a blow delivering this type of damage strikes a weapon or shield, the bearer of the item struck takes the damage delivered, as well as any carrier effects (when appropriate).  The skills Critical Parry and Dodge will work as normal against this type of damage, as will all types of protective spells.

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