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NERO Meditate Play-test
Version 1.1 100702
For NERO Rules: Matthew Pearson, Joseph Valenti


  • The Objective of this play-test is to attempt to balance spell casting versus melee combat, and to provide a counter to the "Return <type>" monster ability.


This skill requires the user to meditate by reading their spell book for 60 uninterrupted seconds and perform no other actions during that time. At the end of the meditation all spells or abilities  which were lost do to the effect "return <type>" or missed a valid target in the case of a spell cast from memory, since the last time the user studied or meditated will be returned to memory. This is now required to regain spells which were lost due to the "return magic". The player's spellbook must be in the caster's hands for the entire duration of the meditate in the case of spells. For other abilities "Returned" the player must sit and concentrate for the same duration.


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