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NERO® Physical Attacks Play-test
Version 1.0 092602
For NERO Rules: Matt Sims, Original Concept by NERO Neridia





The objective of this play-test is to help eliminate confusion by clarifying attacks delivered as “Physical.”




Physical attacks represent an actual physical force such as a glob of ooze to form a Physical Web, a big rock to form a Physical Stone Bolt, or a burst of wind to cause a Physical Repel.  These can now be delivered by either weapon or packet, and are stopped by the standard spell defense Magic Armor.

When delivering a physical attack via packet the player calls out “Physical <spell name or effect>.”

When delivering a Physical attack via weapon the player calls out “Physical Strike <spell name or effect>.”

All standard game effects (including Pin/Bind/Web/Confine) delivered in this way are now treated exactly as the spells, and will follow the rules for these with regards to their duration, effects, and removal.


Entangle <target> is now recognized as a new game effect, and is intended to replace the old uses of Physical Pin/Bind/Web/Confine.  It is outlined in the following passage.

Entangle <target>: Some monsters can shoot a substance as a means to trap victims (such as giant, sticky strands of silk). 
This effect is most often delivered as a Physical attack, but can also be delivered as Magic, Elemental, or Arcane depending upon the delivery method listed on the creature card.  The effect lasts for 10 minutes and is Binding in nature. An Oil of Slipperiness applied to the target’s body less than an hour before being struck by an Entangle will protect against one such attack.  Formal protectives (i.e. Cloak, Bane) against Binding will also work.  A Release spell or an Alchemical Solvent will free the victim.  The victim can be cut out by someone using an edged weapon with a three count (“One I cut you out, two I cut you out, three I cut you out.”).  If you have an Endow or Delayed Endow spell, you may break free, expending the spell in the process. Someone else with an Endow type spell can likewise break you free. When using an Endow to break free of an Entangle, the character calls “Endow – I rip free one, I rip free two, I rip free three”, role-plays that he is ripping free of the binding, and is then free of the effect. An Endow may be used to break another character out of an Entangle, with the same call and similar role-play.  Ripping free in this way is in no way harmful to the character, and beings with Superhuman Strength can rip free of effects that Entangle them without need of an Endow of any type. There are three possible targets for an Entangle – foot, arms, body.  Each of these will prevent movement of the Entangled part such that an Entangle foot will root the target’s right foot to the ground in a way similar to Pin, an Entangle arms will bind the target’s arms to his sides in a way similar to Bind, and an Entangle body will prohibit the movements of the target in a way similar to Web.

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