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NERO® Return <type> Play-test
Version 1.2 092602
For NERO Rules: Matt Sims



The objective of this play-test is to replace the Return Magic play-test ability with a more flexible skill that allows different types of effects to be returned.



Return <type>:


A creature with the ability to Return <type> will cause a specific type of effect directed at it to be returned to its point of origin.  It functions like the Resist skill in that the creature can choose when to use a Return. Returned effects are instantly restored to the caster's skill set, although the character will not be able to use the skill again until they meditate for sixty (60) seconds.  Return can only be used on daily or times ever effects such as spells, Critical Slays, Assassinates, etc.  Return can be used against stored spells/effects from formal magic items and/or production items, and in this case the Return acts like a Resist in that it prevents the effect and the charge is lost.  The creature card will specify the types of Return available to that creature in a similar way to Resists.  This play-test is an expansion of the original Return Magic Play-test, and replaces it without eliminating the original function of it.  Non-spell abilities that are Returned in this way do not require that a spell book be used in order to make them usable again, but all other rules for Meditate will apply.  The use of this play-test does not automatically mean that the “Meditate” play-test will be in use as well.

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