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NERO Stop Thrust Play-test
Version 1.0 070700
For NERO Rules: Matthew Pearson, Joseph Valenti


  • The Objective of this play-test is to increase the defensive capabilities of two-handed melee weapons.

Stop Thrust:

The wielder of a polearm, two handed sword, two handed blunt, or staff can use this skill against any opponent. The user swings and makes contact with the opponent (shields and magic armors do not stop this but dodge or phase will) and calls "Stopthrust" the opponent may not advance on the user for five seconds but may still attack, run away, or defend themselves. Anyone with the skill for an appropriate weapon or weaponmaster gets one use of this skill and gains another use for every two proficiencies in an appropriate weapon. This skill does not apply to non-melee two-handed weapons such as Bows and Crossbows.


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