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Why Join NERO™?     

         NERO™ is the most well known name in the Interactive Gaming community. Interactive Gaming is also called Live Action Role Playing (LARP). NERO LARP Chapters regularly operate medieval themed weekend vacation retreats, with a focus on interaction and mystery solving. Members interact with each other in the same medieval fantasy setting, the World of Tyrra, and use the same interactive game system – the NERO™ Rule Book© and the NERO™ Game System©. There are also tournaments of the sword to enjoy, occasional live chess games, and, if you dare, an adventure or two may be had ‘outside’ the safety of the ‘village’. Lets take a look...


·    NERO™ is on its 33rd year, started in 1989, and has over 2 dozen thriving NERO LARP Chapters.

- Our national website, www.nerolarponline.com, offers a Calendar of Events for all NERO LARP Chapters to place their event dates in. This Calendar of Events is where the majority of our traveling players go to see if there is an event in their area on any given weekend.

·        Web Site Support: The NERO Office has guides to aid with Meta Tag and Search Engine utilization that will get your link listed close to the top of the most popular search engines in America. Optionally, you may be able to help us with your advice!

Game World Services and Support


·        Documented Cosmology of the In-Game World.


·        Documented Races of the In-Game World.

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