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Gaining Experience

  • Experience Points (XP) are used in NERO for the advancement of a player's character. There are several different sources and types of XP.

  • Whenever you attend an event at NERO you will receive a certain number of experience points just for attending. These points are known as your Base Experience Points. Base XP are used as a method of rewarding people for their participation in a NERO event. This Base XP will be referred to as your "Blanket".

  • The Blanket you receive depends on your current total Build Points (BP). On a typical NERO weekend playing a PC you will receive a Blanket. If you play an NPC you will also receive a Blanket as a reward for your hard work. A first level PC, earning his Blanket would earn 15 XP.

  • In addition to the Blanket you receive, there are "Loose XP". This is represented by money. For every silver piece you turn in, you will receive one XP. The maximum amount of loose XP that can be turned in is equal to your BP at the start of the event. This is called your "Cap."

  • Example: If you start the event with 15 BP, the most loose XP you can turn in is 15. So, if you turn in 15 Silver Pieces, then you have "Capped Out" for that event.

  • The table below shows the "Experience Point to Build Point" conversion ratios. (While it looks complex, just remember that it takes a certain number of XP to convert to One BP. And BP (Building Points) are what you use to buy skills in NERO.) The table also shows how many total "Hit Points" (Called Body Points in NERO) a character has at each level.

Don't forget that as a 1st level character, you start out with 30 BP.

Build Table.JPG
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