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  • Joseph Valenti is the President of NERO.

  • Christopher Spencer is the President Assistant of NERO.

  • Local Chapters are managed by people who spend a lot of time and energy setting up for each event and making sure that the Storylines and everything else is running smoothly.

  • Local Chapters have Staff that work on NPC weapons, costumes, makeup and plotlines. Non-Player Characters (NPC's) are people who play for free or for reduced cost to play monsters and other NPC roles that are needed to run plotlines and everything else that goes with Monster Camp.

  • The National Office manages National Field Representatives. These individuals often provide support at conventions around the country, bring National Storylines to the local chapter, organize inter-chapter storylines, and help to maintain a continuous fantasy world.  

  • There are many other long and short term volunteers at NERO that help run the business and/or the game and who make NERO what it is.

Always treat your fellow NERO Members with respect!

See NERO's NERO LARP WORLD website for more information.

Who is NERO?

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