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What is needed to play NERO?                                                                       

The most important item needed is a pleasant, courteous, and respectful personality toward others.

  • Membership with NERO ™ - players generally purchase a membership at the local chapter they will play most at, or the chapter they prefer to administer their records, or any other number of reasons. Having a NERO ™ Membership at one chapter allows attendance at all other NERO ™ chapters without the purchase of a ‘local chapter’ membership.

  • Rulebook Knowledge – Every NERO ™ Member receives a NERO ™ Rulebook, and every NERO ™ member must know and adhere to the rules. Read the Rules thoroughly, and be a great player!

  • Bedding – most camps have beds with mattresses, but you are required to bring sheets or a sleeping bag.

  • Clothing – bring a few extra changes of clothes, as walking around in the forest, and sometimes running, can become a bit messy. Bring clothing appropriate to the region and the time of year.

  • Toiletries – a good set of bathing amenities

  • NERO ™ Safe Boffer Weapons - Weapons.pdf.

  • Multiple medieval Costumes that ‘represent’ your character to Staff and other Players.


  • A Character Card – You will receive a character card with your name, character name, skills, spells, deaths, and other pertinent information at check-in at the event.

What Do I need to Play?

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