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NERO is played everywhere though most NERO chapters rent or own a Campsite that they use for events.  Some sites have different accommodations than others, and some are more expensive.

            Weekend Gatherings are generally held at a campground which is used exclusively by NERO. These camps usually have cabins, although sleeping space may be limited in some areas, so you will want to review their information or contact them prior to arriving. Some camps have kitchens, and many chapters provide meals which are available for a small fee.  Beverages and water are provided at almost all Weekend Gathering sites.  Weekends start on Friday night and continue, 24 hours a day, until Sunday (times vary by chapter).  If you are attending a Weekend Gathering, may sure you take a look at the suggested provisions list.

Adventure Days may be held at a campground with sleeping accommodations, or at a camp that is only used for the day.  If you are traveling a long distance, ask the local chapter if they can provide you with hotel or lodging information if you cannot stay overnight at the camp.  Adventure Days are day long events that usually include scheduled or available Adventures, and a Tavern setting with continuing role-play throughout the day.

Adventures are often held in a rented hall, or other smaller setting than a camp ground.  During a Weekend, there are many Adventures (much like a module), with several being run at once. Adventure Days consist of multiple Adventures as well.  Adventures are short encounters or a series of encounters that a group works their way through.  Examples are clearing a cave of monsters, solving a murder, coming to the aid of a townsperson, seeking a specific item needed for some reason, researching with people outside of town, and many other possibilities.   Adventures usually last 1 to 4 hours, and average about 2 hours.

            Many Weekend Gatherings have between 40 and 200 NERO members in attendance.  Adventure Days often have 20 to 60 people, and Adventures are usually run for 6 to 10 people - though some require more or less… depending on the in-game situation.

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