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Playing Fair, being Honest, and the Honor System

  • Our system relies heavily on honesty, and as such, a dishonest player will find it very easy to cheat. Other players will find out eventually, and then no one will want to interact with the cheater. If you don’t count hits against you, then soon those you face will stop counting your hits against them. When word of a cheater’s actions gets back to NERO, and don’t think that it won’t, then we will remove the offending player from the game.

    If someone seems to have extraordinary powers, you have the right to challenge them for proof of what they claim. If the person you challenge cannot produce spell tags, a character card, or other documentation to prove the ability is what is claimed, then the ability does not exist and you are not required to accept anything that is undocumented. NERO has set out to design a game that can work without constant supervision. This can be a great asset in terms of ease of play and flexibility, but it has a tradeoff in potential for abuse. The only way that we can correct abuses of the system is if we are made aware of them.

    The tag system and the addition of monster cards enables us to verify the skills and abilities of all our members. However, the checking of tags has sometimes been overlooked by members because they trust one another. While the building of this trust is a good thing, it has set a bad precedent in which many people don’t check tags because they don’t want to accuse the other of cheating. Checking tags and skill cards is a necessary part of the game EVEN if you trust the person. This should occur when facing each other as PCs or NPCs. Even our most knowledgeable players occasionally misinterpret skills on their cards, and by always checking, these mistakes can be caught before too many problems are caused.

    So the next time someone asks to see your NPC card or skill tag, take the time to get it out for them and don’t think they are calling you a cheater. It’s part of our rules system and if everyone learns to follow this rule it will make it easier for us to improve the game. A player is always allowed to see an NPC card to verify the skills of the creature, If someone doesn’t have their tags or card, something is wrong and although the person may not be cheating, you should investigate the reason for this mistake and report it if needed.

    Please help us maintain a fun, fair and safe game for all players.

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