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Playtest Testing Rules
(from the NERO Rule Book©)

  • Each NERO chapter abides by the rules listed in the NERO Rule book. Some chapters may restrict the use of Enslavement, Euphoria, Berserk Gas Poison, and/or Instant Death Gas Poison.

  •  In addition, your chapter may be Play Testing a new rule not found in this book. The NERO National Office distributes a list of Rules that are being Play Tested. Each chapter will have a handout that will explain any Rules that are being Play-Tested or you can visit the NERO Playtest Page for the complete list.

  •  If you plan on playing your character in another chapter it is up to you to contact that other chapter to find out which Rules they are play-testing. Be sure your character is updated and request a copy of it sent to you and the chapter you are visiting. You must abide by that chapter’s rules and policies when visiting. In addition, chapters are often limited in campsite capacity so reservations may be needed.

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