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Spell Packets

  • Spell Packets are pretty easy to make if you follow these simple rules.  They are also a must if you are a magic-casting character!

  • Use squares of cloth to make each packet.  White packets are used by NPC's and orange packets are for gas globes.  Players often use different fabrics so they can tell their packets from those of other players.  Others like to write names/symbols on their packets so they can be retrieved.  You want the squares to be big enough so you can have a tail to hold onto.

  • Place some birdseed in the center of each square.  Do not use any other contents - beads, rice, seeds, and other items hurt when they hit.  Remember if you make bad packets, someone can pick them up and throw them at you!  Some players dip their packets in cornstarch to leave white marks on targets, but do not pour cornstarch in the packets.  Birdseed is also recycled because the birds and squirrels love it when our packets are destroyed.

  • Tie the packets with elastics, cord, tapes.  Do not use twist-ties - the metal hurts!  Don't tie the packets so hard that they feel like rocks.

  • Make lots of extra packets because you will lose most of the ones you throw.   You don't want to get caught in a battle and run out of packets!

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