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The 4 Most Important Rules of NERO

This book has many rules and requirements and for new players it can sometimes be overwhelming. There are some rules that are much more important than the others.

The rules listed below are required for NERO to continue to be a safe game, and there are no exceptions to these rules as they apply to all players and NPCs. Breaking these rules may require your removal from the game.

  • The Body Contact Rule:
    NERO prohibits all body contact during combat. All combat must take place with NERO approved safe weapons, and certain parts of the body (head, groin, hands) are not allowed to be hit.

  • The Alcohol Rule:
    NERO absolutely forbids alcohol and illegal drugs at its events; nor can you use these off site and then come to the game drunk or high.

  • The Hold Rule:
    If you hear some one yell "Hold!" stop everything you are doing and drop to one knee. Holds should only be called if there is a real need, and usually only for safety reasons.

  • The Sneaking Rule:
    If you wish to sneak into a building or tent, you must have a marshal present. There are strong limitations on doing this on your own.

There are other important rules, but to include too many here would de-emphasize these top four. These particular rules have to be emphasized for safety and legal reasons. Please follow these rules completely and report anyone who does not.

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